The beginning of planning

I love to plan.  It is what I do.  I went to college for Emergency Planning.  I plan out my days, including back up plans through zeta.  I occasionally think I might plan my dreams, but I haven’t gotten a hold of any sleep study to figure that out yet…*shrug*

However, this whole wedding planning business…so not my deal.  I don’t know where to start and where to end.  My fiance is not being much help, he just shrugs it off for the most part, and as usual, leaves the planning to me.  However, this is not as usual. 

I don’t want the princess wedding.  I don’t want this to be ‘my day’.  This day is for us, and for the people we love to recognize the ‘us’ factor.  And for the insurance company to stop being such jerks.  That too….yeah…

I want something nerdy and fun.  I want people to be entertained, but not strained, to be enjoying themselves.  I want to have good food, not some high brow stuff that no one can appreciate.  Kabobs on the grill, spiced hamburgers, and cupcakes to make up a wedding cake.  Possible Star Wars themed…or video game themed…or heck, Doctor Who anyone?  Or a recent favorite of ours Sherlock?

These are the things I need help with.  I don’t know how to get these things involved.  Although I would totally love swapping lightsabers over rings… 


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