Why I feel I’m moderately good at League of Legends

This has been a discussion that Trevor and I have been having often recently.  I’m always baffled as to how I come out ahead in games when he is the one who knows all the stats of well…everything.  I think these are the two items we have decided on, ultimately.

1: I play tactics games.  I learned the skills needed to these on one of the most difficult games on the PS1.  Ever hear of Kartia: Word of Fate?  Didn’t really think so.  Most tactics games it is if the main character or all the characters die it is game over.  In Kartia if any of the characters die, end of game.  No more, start that battle completely over and try and figure out what you did wrong.  Now the reason this lends well to LoL is that it taught me some mighty good positioning.  Mind you, it took a while to figure it out exactly in LoL, but the knowledge of where to put my character was there.  I still mess up, mostly when I play against a champion that I never have before, but I learn and I adapt and start over again, adapting my whole lay out from forcing minions to walk around me in certain places to where to throw Nidalee’s spear from.

2. I have a love for fighting games.  I played Mortal Kombat when I was a kid at the Pizza Hut arcade.  And by kid I mean my grandmother brought a stole for me to stand on.  Then I moved to Soul Edge.  Then whatever I could play at the arcade.  When arcades went away, I bought Soul Calibur II and countless other fighting games.  I can get some combos going.  From this, I’m great at burst champions.  Morganna, Nidalee, Akali, Urgot, yeah, I love them.  I can string those spells and abilities along like it is no ones business.  I got nearly a 1 second cool down on Nidalee’s jump and Urgot just fires those blades away.

So really, it isn’t that I’m good at at League as much as it is I’m good at other games where the skills are quite transferable.  Anyway, what do you think of my theory or even, which game skills do you think lend well to LoL?


5 responses to “Why I feel I’m moderately good at League of Legends

  1. well it sounds like you got it down to a T but what i do is that i play a lot of rpgs so i kinda get in the mind set of the person im playing like Tristana i want the largest boom i can get and ahri im tempting them to there doom, thats my take on it

  2. For me, I started off with old-school Dota before I played LoL. I played Dota for four years, so the transition to LoL was a lot easier for me. Similar, essential concepts like zoning were already ingrained for me before I played my first LoL match.

    I think other gaming genres can definitely prepare people to be better LoL players. Tactic games can help people with problem solving (e.g. building the appropriate items against the other team) and basic strategies (like having the ranged AD hide behind tanks for protection).

    I also believe fighting games would be useful for teaching quicker thinking. Oftentimes, a lot of the weaker LoL players are the ones who hesitate before every action. In fighting games, you have to be prompt with whatever move you make. Being able to react on the fly would be quite significant in a given situation for LoL. If you only have a few seconds to do x action, time is of the essence.

    • Exactly! And I’m hoping that I can take my skills from LoL and transfer it back to other games. Also, trying to learn more about DoTA…seems pretty and would be interested in testing it out.

      • Dota is less forgiving. It will eat you up, chew you up, spit you out and then do it all over again. But it toughened me for the MOBA genre (granted, the only significant MOBA games to play are Dota, HoN or LoL, and I hate HoN). But once you get past the steep and harsh learning curve, Dota is a lot of fun, arguably more so than LoL.

        The thing I loved about Dota is how CRAZY a regular match can turn out with its overpowered mechanics that keep you on your toes. XD

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