Planning my nerdy wedding…

Trevor and I finally settled on getting married this year.  We don’t want something that is big and complex, but instead something that is just us.  No crazy amount of religious stuff, but instead a flurry of nerdy quotes that we can put into vows and and onto invitations.

I am purchasing blue and puprle minion cake toppers, by the way.  I am totally the purple one.  And who doesn’t want the seen where Leia tells Han she loves him and he simply says ‘I know’?  And water parks!  Neither of us are much for dancing, so we would much rather go and get wet and laugh.

I don’t want people to remember yet another white cake and dull dj…I want people to laugh and question and realize that we are establishing our life as we would like it to be, not as the status quo says it needs to be.  If anyone has any particularly nerdy quotes to recommend, do share!  Trying to think of something to add to the invitations at this point…

A more girl gamer post will come later this week…promise…XD


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