Dragons As Mid-Bosses

I am truly curious as to when dragons became mid-bosses.  You farm for dragon in LoL arbitrarily…it isn’t like reaching Baron or that team fight.  In Castle Age, the ancient dragon’s and such can be taken out by two people easily.  In Disgea, the dragon guys aren’t all that fearsome.

So then why is it that dragons are pictured as this terrifying creature?  I think Anne McCaffery had it right where dragons are supposed to work with humans rather than be these embattled things.  Or perhaps that is when their downfall began.

Just as I have watched the trade off from dragons as the big baddie to spiders*shiver* I can’t wait to see what will bump the spider out of ultimate boss spot and down into mid-boss.  All the ones in Xenoblade, Guild Wars, and just about any game that has to do with a a demon main character has them.  It is simply a matter of time that they are made mid bosses.  In fact, it is already happening with those defender type games.

Perhaps the gaming industry could do us a favor and make it a kitten.  Then we have to not only fight the fearsome creature, but the urge to simply go ‘Awww!’.


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