Varus: Early Game is Key

So I have played Varus a bit more, messed with some builds, taken a few different routes and here are my impressions.

You must lane with someone that understands to let you get CS early game.  Missing that CS just makes you lag for the rest of the game.  Zone out the other players with E and try to stop their CS.  Don’t worry about killing them yet, just deny them any farm.  I go E, Q, then W.  Blight is a fantastic thing for him, particularly if you can get a mix mastery set of AD and AP.  Even just starting out with 5 AP makes Blight much more effective.

Mid game is excellent if your laning phase was.  I try and stay in the middle of the pack with group fights and use the slow to let the heavy hitters really get the beat on.  I like roaming and ganking too.  Varus’s Ult is great for ganking since it holds them in place if they were working on an escape, or allows a teammate to escape and regroup.  I try and lay wards as often as possible too, that way I can steal their red/blue when viable and split push already deteriorating towers.  This is mostly possible because I get a movement speed of about 430 by level ten or eleven, so I can quickly move around.

Late game I haven’t quite mastered yet.  I either do awesome and get quadra-kills or do awful/become bait.  I have found that Rageblade is a very good item though, since it yet gives me another boost to AP/AD and the attack speed is great for mowing down enemy’s and towers.

Overall, I find Varus to be an extremely fun champion to play and hope to post a build for him in the future, but until then I’m going to keep working with things and tweaking, so stick around for updates!


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