I think this is a neat idea…some kinks need to be straightened out. Please go give him your input!


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So Lyte put up a thread yesterday, and I gave some input. Not surprisingly it wasn’t responded to, the thread was already over twenty pages when I posted and is now nearing 70 pages.  So instead of trying to get attention that way, I’ll write a blog post where I can flesh out my ideas more.

First off, the question: 1) If you could add one feature into the game that addresses player behavior, what would it be?

My answer: Information on the players you are playing with in the champ select lobby and by extension a method to populate that information.

For the population part, what I was thinking was being able to up/down vote players at the end game screen. An upvote would give them One karma on that champion specifically and One karma in the role that champion was playing. Downvoting a player would do the…

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