Practice Matches and Rolling Around

Hello all!

Recently I have joined a clan called League of Girls ( and have moved on to being a event coordinator.  I am working on getting together a weekly session together where people can come to practice in a safe environment, get useful feedback and hear tips from both the opposite team and high elo players.

Now I am trying to figure out what else might be wanted in this type of event.  As well as find some people who would like to help out commentating wise.  I up for any and all input.  And feel free to spread this around to any female LoL players too!  We are always looking for new members 😀

In other news, I finished Touch My Katamari for the Vita today.  I do wish there were more levels, but the ones that were involved were varied and new.  What was nice is that you did not just revert to rolling up the Universe for a change, but instead a nice epilogue to the story.  Also, always a plus for mini-games during credits.

While it may not have many levels, the replay-ability is definitely there.  There are always more things to find and higher ratings to get.  Not to mention, who can resist catchy Japanese music?  I’m still going through and trying to beat old scores, despite being frustrated with them originally.


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