Sony Press Conference

So I’m Set up on the couch, with my Sony Vaio, my Sony Vita, and Sony camera…I think I have it all covered.  Ready?  I am 😀


G4…you have perhaps some of the worse commercials ever.

More God of War. Did we really need a recap?  If you have been paying attention to anything and are watching E3, I’m sure we’ve heard of it.

However, multi player looks really neat ❤

They tease and tease…damn commercials

And now on to PS Champs…What could possibly go wrong? I KNOW!  Where is Spyro, Crash, Blasto, Gex, etc.  Yeah I’m showing my age…I think it is okay.

It is bad that I am not dreading opening of press cons because of dancing.

However, there was Dubstep, and I do approve.

My hun just had a nerdgasm because of Sly Cooper.

Lolipop Chainsaw!

Thank-you Tretton, for being a true host of E3.

Solid Snake, the only guy mentioned who has a true pedigree.


Beyond?  Two Souls?  Sounds creepy.  That seems to be a theme this E3.  Moving past the constant FPS and going towards the horror games again?

Ellen Paige?!  In a video game?!  WIN!

This game looks….stunning/gorgeous/amazing/orgasmic/breath taking/fap worthy, etc with the descriptive word stuff.

Kindly sheriff guy doesn’t know what he just got into.  There is shaking coffee, thunderstorms, and now flying coffee!  Shit just hit the fan and he wants to ignore it.

‘I’m just outside’ AKA ‘I’m gonna go over here till the freaky stuff stops’

Then there was SWAT.  I love how the guy says shush…like they didn’t make enough noise coming through the front door.

So is it another game where I actually get to play as a female?  SWEET!

PS All Stars Battle Royale

And Awesome music!

No wonder the awesome music PARAPPA THE RAPPER IS IN THE HOUSE!

ON THE VITA AND PS3!  Gauntlet thrown! Where is my Crash Bandicoot?

I can’t close my mouth while watching this.  So much fun.

Really, of all the reveals for this game, Nathan Fucking Goddamn Drake and Big Daddy?  Those were givens.  Give me Classics!

All of my Sony that can be on the PSN are on the PSN.

Good job pushing the PS+…Little Big Planet 2 is worth it.

PS1 Classics for Vita!

So…Crash Bandicoot for my Vita? Can’t you tell I’m a little stuck on this?

Might be time to pick up a Hulu Account…if 3G on the Vita wasn’t so expensive.

Sony’s Message: Microsoft, your Glass thing…yeah, we got that covered for a while.

Meh…CoD for Vita…meh

Although, it will push for more Vitas to be sold


Assassins Creed: Secret Swim

I do wish the assassin would stop walking on an angle. Hun says it gives them swagger.

Dem water effects

FUCK OUR SHIP!  The Brits build better ships anyway!  Even if they have holes in there from us.

More boobs?

Well…FarCry Multiplayer.  Doesn’t seem local though.  I wish we would go back to local co-op.

Onto the move…

And then onto a….Book?

Leapfrog for serious gamers!

Soooo…cute *squees*

Finding new uses for the eye, I approve

Sony is just throwing the bird up to Microsoft, as usual, but also Apple.

Sony throwing things in Apple and Microsoft face

Harry Potter spells?!  I know how my kids will be learning to read.

And it is super interactive 😀

This lady isn’t very good at using Alohamora.

I can only imagine this lady trying to cast Incendio after the mess with Alohamora

Oh good…the new girl is much better. Get that dragon!

So…Hogwarts student that did not live up to expectations.  Am I the only one thinking Hagrid?

I knew I got an Android for some reason.  Sony teaming up with open source development for droid is great!

Good name change…less confusing

More Kratos…BUt once again…Dat Water

The game play looks sweet as always, even if I’m not a big fan of Kratos.

So close to bedtime, but Sony is actually doing a good press conference, so I can’t give in yet!

That was lots of monsters.

Glowy laptop lights creep me out…still expecting random dancing…instead I get bird noises…what is this…Hun wants Kingdom Hearts 3, but I doubt it.

I was right, more zombie Ellen Paige Games.  Not gonna complain.  I do wish we could get some Kingdom hearts 3 though.

Main character that states the obvious…woot.

So much bleeping…Could do with a lot less bleeping…like seriously. More stating the obvious.

Neat item screen!

Quick Time events?  No even better, useful sidekick!  The Last of Us is the most promising thing for the year I think.


I feel like this was a much stronger showing for Sony then we have had in past years.  The touched on all their big items, while staying true to who they know their auidence to be.  They haven’t turned of the casual gamer with announcements like PS Mobile or the Wunderbook, but we all know everyone came for All Stars and Kratos.

Female Assassin was a great showing, I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be a support thing, but between that and Beyond I feel like they are really showing solidarity with the growing girl gamer base.  ‘We won’t ignore you’ is what I feel like.  Even if girl gamers came for the move, please stick around and check out these other things.  It is not all about sweaty gross men that yell a lot, really.  In fact, you can have strong female protagonists that aren’t showing off their rack too.  But that is just my feelings as a girl gamer.

The Vita could have had more, but at the same time they gave me enough to want more.  I want to know how the Vita will work with PS Mobile.  I also want to know how the crossplay with work with All Stars, etc.  Assassins Creed was a big announcement for the Vita, as was the update on PS Classics.  As someone who loves to play older games, I will be entertained for months with some PS orgininals (haven’t we covered my love of Crash yet xP).   The catalog is constantly growing, which I think is an important thing to realize.  If you want updates on the Vita, actually turn yours on.  I think that the problem with the Vita is not just Sony lagging on it, but the retailers doing it as well.  The Vita stock is always low, which is a really big bummer for me.

The Last of Us was a fantastic finale.  Unlike some of the other conferences that had this grand climax and then a timid ending, Sony did a very good constant crescendo, just giving you enough of a break in the middle with the Book to make everything else build.

However, Tretton, you said to push you.  And I am pushing you.  To give me Kingdom Hearts 3…or anything.

Anyway, Night All!  Hope to be able to pull this off tomorrow as well 😀


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