Ubisoft Press Conference

Really, more dancing?

So we went from a game targeted mostly at girls to animated sex.  Great segway there, guys.

The weapons look really good, so does the flame thrower.

Wait, your about to shoot yourself?  Isn’t that what all the crazy snipers are for?

Oh wow…FarCry, you have always been pretty but this is amaz…wait, boobs again?  And now sex upside down?  I think we are a bit preoccupied here.

Aisha Taylor, you are fantastic.  Thank you for saying we are all a little gay.  But what about the gay people? Are they just a little straight too?

More Wii U!  I want my gamegear back…

And avengers.

-I went to take a shower at this point-

Benjamin Franklin, presdients!  This game sounds awesome!  Oh, it is Assassins Creed…well maybe I’ll give it a shot again.

Wait, that means the press conference is all down hill from here.

It doesn’t seem like the same repetitive action over and over again, so there is an improvement.

Girl world champion!  Yay!

This should be interesting…Perhaps not so down hill

Awww…the girls lost…well I guess we will hear some more of how girls can’t game.

Storm!  I want to see that one! But noooo…

Wait…why so many services this year?  Between the glass thing and this Ubisoft stuff…I feel like i’m being buried by things that should look much better.

I always love the various accents you get at the Ubisoft conference

Now this is my kinda game…if I could actually figure out what it is…

Either way I’m all for a chill, walk around sandbox…be nice not to run everywhere.  Until I realize while I’m playing that it isn’t…good in theory at least


I would love some local co-op for this game

He just got pulled through a car window…time to grovel.

Can I call it or what?!

Alright, I’m sold on Watch_Dogs


So I was pretty impressed with Ubisoft.  Even if it seemed like there was a mixed message of: we want to appeal to the Nintendo players, oh wait, naked women for the guys, hey over here there is stuff for history buffs, did we mention sandbox?  Even with all the erratic moving, the segways were good and none of the transitions were to jolting.  Yet, at the same time, I’m not sure if they know who they were really targeting.  I guess that is what happens in an industry that is currently going through change.

I will say that I am incredibly impressed with Watch_Dogs.  It was nice to see such a dark world that still seemed to have life and color, even though the scenery was very black and shades there of.  The pop ups were really neat and the fact that you are rewarded not only for going all out, but blending in seems like a really cool thing to do.  Yes, I know GTA does something similar, but once you hear sirens, you start to run.  This game seems to reward the more strategic mind set of find information then strike.

However, I am really tired of dancing at E3.  There has been way to much so far.  Are we really trying that hard to bring back the music genre?  I love busting out the Rock Band for group events, but I’m not sure that I want to be dancing around like a fool in my second floor apartment.  Doesn’t seem like it would be appealing to me or my neighbors.  Then again, it would be good revenge for when they have the music too loud at midnight.

Anyway, on to the next one, can’t wait for Sony!


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