Gearbox/Borderlands 2

Alright, so I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I really love Borderlands.  It is a good relationship builder, it has lots of boxes, I can light things on fire, and I get to shoot some crazy jerks.

Nothing says relaxing like shooting crazy jerks.

Anyway, when B-lands 2 was announced, I was super stoked.  I was even more stoked when I saw the deluxe edition.  Shooting things AND boxes to put my cats in?  How much better can it get!

So now I am waiting for the E3 showing for them, and in similar format to earlier posts, I plan on live blogging it.  There will probably be much squeeing as I watch Zer0 be played…not gonna lie.

Mind you, I am watching it on IGN, so there are probably a few different showings of this already…if Assassins Creed 3 would go away.

I love assassins, though.  Zer0 is just tend times better.

Can’t wait to rip that make off Jack’s face.  I’ll settle for taking out statues for now….

Loot chests!  Oh, and that UI is gorgeous *drool*

Marcus bobble head, so glad I pre-ordered the whole chest.

Skill Trees: Something D3 failed at…Seems like B-lands if givine me what I want with it.

I want to see how the Cl4p-Tp looks…My hun says he looks the same…but I’m sure there is something different…I WILL FIND IT!

So tired of hearing about the Guinness Book of World Records award.

September 14th, I am there.  I think Trev and my honeymoon will just be spent beating the game.  Yeah….

That was overly short…want moar!

Oh well, I don’t think there is much to say about that honestly.


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