Girls and LoL

So there have been a lot of posts regarding why the girls who play LoL don’t have any ‘sexy’ champs to look at.

Guys normally come back with “You have Tryndamere, Garen, etc”

The thing is, that isn’t what most girls want to look at.  Honestly, that is what guys want to look at.  It is ultimately what they want to look at, what they aspire to.  Not what straight women want.

Look at romantic comedies, male leads, etc.  Sure, there is the occasional buff guy, but they are typically the action movie hero.  In romantic comedies, the built guy is the antagonist, the one who is there to provide the conflict.

Who is the good guy?  The normal one.  The debonair one.  The one who has faults.  Even just look at those silly sexiest lists!  Johnny Depp, smooth, toned, but not built.  George Clooney: debonair, classic, not built. Brad Pitt, gruff, chiseled, but not ripped.  Justin Bieber: effeminate, boyish, not ripped. (it kinda pained me to write that one)  Robert Downey Jr.: snarky, real, toned, not ripped.

Do you get the point?  Look to popular culture to really see what women want.  Really just go to the drug store.  But I plead to the men, stop thinking that what you want is what we want.  Cause it isn’t.


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