I’ve got PSO2 downloading now and plan on kicking through Gravity Rush sometime this week, so expect a review of my own as well 😀


Go Play PSO2! It’s in Open Beta starting today and character data will transfer over to the full version which is supposed to hit later this year. Granted, yes, it’s all in Japanese, but there’s a full comprehensive guide for pretty much everything you need to know to get rolling. You’d be surprised how quickly you pick up the menu navigation once you have a vague idea of what everything does.

Which is good design and we all know I love good design. (And Phantasy Star)

Also! If you haven’t already bought Gravity Rush. Go do so. Right now. It’s a great execution of a strong concept that works wonders in portable format. Sandboxes, along with Tactics games, are one of the best things you can have as a portable bite sized experience. Play for ten minutes on the bus, put it in suspend, pick up at lunch and do…

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