A bad time for servers

I have worked in some sort of tech job for quite a while now.  And even when I don’t work in tech, I work with tech or play with tech.  And over the years I have noticed something very astounding.

It always fails in the first week of summer.

Take while I was in college for instance.  The school’s servers would constantly break right around the end of June.  Why?  Normally because the temperature was too high or they were pushing out an update before the start of summer classes and it failed.  It was a massive inconvenience, since the e-mail, blackboard, management, and library catalog were pretty much all on there. It was incredibly funny watching people use a paper book searching system they had never seen, trying to fax papers when they had never done so, or teach class using *gasp* new powerpoints.

Now look at the past week in League of Legends.  People are all up in arms.  I want free RP.  I want Free This.  I shouldn’t be dealing with this.  What are you doing about my Rune pages?  Over an hour to log in?  RIOT!

To me this seems to be a culmination of a bad patch and a higher than normal volume.  Why a higher than normal volume, you ask?  Well this is mostly occurring on the NA server.  The mass migration of young ones has occurred from days of constant motion and limited free time to unlimited and unsupervised computer time.  AKA school is out and the 12 year olds are going to pwn you.  And put extra strain on your server.  Two toxic items came together to create the perfect storm of day long down time, 1 hour+ login queues, and missing champions/skins/runes.  And I am still trying to figure out if my stuff is still there…

At least, that is what I think.  Please tell me if you think otherwise.


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