Started Ranked

I love the level of game play that I have experienced so far.  It can be frustrating, but overall, I have enjoyed the challenge jump.

On the other hand I have had a problem with people who aren’t used to hybrid players.  E.G. Support Assassin Nidalee or Early Burst Urgot.  This things are apparently frowned upon in the establishment.  Also, people don’t seem to realize that the number of times I die doesn’t really matter, as long as I have saved the AD carry.  Or my running around the map is to put wards/traps down.  You know, those things that while getting me killed in the short term save the team in the long term.

Now I admit there are some nuances I need to get better at.  I’m trying to practice buying an oracles before I go out on my adventures.  Also while playing Urgot, trying to just stay towards the back of team fights and lob dem Qs as much as possible or swap the support into a team fight rather than the tank(which with the lag from the servers, has been rough), but hey, these are things I”m working on.  Along with getting better with Heimerdinger and Orianna so I have reliable mids when Morg is banned.

Trevor and I have enjoyed it though.  To him it is this strange exhilarating feeling where as to me it is just a further testament to trying to get better at the game. No ELO as of yet, but of the four games I have played, 3 have been won by the teams I have been on 😀


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