The State Of Geek Girls

So I’ve always been a geeky girl.  I’ve always played video games, read comic books, liked my science fiction and fantasy a bit too much, knew quite a bit more about computers then my counter parts.  I’ve always been cool with that.  It did not make me popular in high school or college unless it was with the nerd/geek guys or the girls who needed to learn how to turn their computer on or have video game controls explained to them, but I was happy.

This past weekend I went to a tech store in order to get a new motherboard and CPU and we were going to price SSD’s for Trevor.  I was comparing 2 similar models of motherboard a Gigabyte 970 vs 990 that would work with the AMD FX 6100 I wanted trying to figure out what the difference was.  These things aren’t to clearly labeled on the box, honestly.  So I’m standing there with Trevor investigating a bit, counting USB ports and the like when a sales guy comes over to me.

Salesguy:”How can I help you today?”

Me: “I’m shopping for a motherboard?:

Salesguy turns to Trev: “So what kind of motherboard are you looking for?”

Trev: “This is totally for her, not me.  I’m good with my motherboard.”

Salesguy: “I don’t think we can help you, we don’t sell shoes here.”

Me and Trevor: *dead stare for a good minute* “I can leave.”

Now I’m used to getting some jokes, poked fun at a little bit, walking into game stores and being asked what games I’ve played on the Wii recently or being told the pink fans are out of stock.  That is all cool because it is relevant.  We can all kind of laugh at it.  This, totally was not.  Three days later I’m still pretty scathing about it.  I’ve never been treated so disrespectfully in all my time doing nerd things.  The firefighting side and the motorcycle side, I kinda expect it from, and I brace for it.  But I never once expected to be so judged by the group who hates being judged.  The guy tried to make all buddy buddy with me after that.  It was only bad when I forgot what speed RAM I had.  I can tell you the brand and make, but I’m awful with numbers for the most part so I just blanked.

And I love this tech store too.  I want to go back, but at the same time, I almost don’t want to.  The sleezeball gave me his card and told me to give him a call when I was ready to upgrade my PC some more.  I don’t think so…In fact, I’m not sure I ever want to talk to your kind again.  After you I just want to shut myself down in a hole and disappear.  😛

And this is after I read more anger over Geek Girls at Comic-Con.  Now mostly this is directed at Twi-hards, which I’m not sure I can put on the same level of geekdom as most others, but they have their thing that they are geeky about. I can’t smash it.  Nor should they smash my love of Star Trek and Star Wars.  Or yours.

*sigh* I just wonder if it is all hopeless in the end.


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