Magic: The Gathering

So beyond playing video games, I also play Magic: the Gathering.  Well, okay hold on, I used to play super hard core, but then stopped when I moved away from an area that had anyone else who really played.  Then picked it up again in college.  Then stopped towards the end when life got crazy.

Then at the behest of my soon to be husband we picked it back up again.  We figured we would go to the local shop, I’d watch, maybe play casually, see what the new core set was about.

We wound up in a competition.  My first time playing magic in nearly 2 years and I’m in a competition.  Thankfully I got paired with a very nice guy who was patient with me as I got reacquainted with cards I had never been acquainted with before to begin it.  However, for it being a sealed competition where I was given a pile and told to make a deck, I did pretty well.  I kept alive for longer then most expected in our games, despite being knocked out in the first round.  He even then sat down with me and explained some of the new mechanics and  helped switch out some cards.

And perhaps more importantly I caught the bug all over again.  So I plan on refining my white/blue deck a bit and going to Friday Night Magic so that when it comes time to go to Escapist Expo I’m not bored as hun schmoozes.  Oh, and the elves…they will be coming for you if I’m allowed to bring out some old stuff 😀


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