Only a Month Left…

So, there is a little less then a month before I get married.  I am super excited not only to have my wonderful man, but also for it to just be done.  At this point I have done just about everything I can to make it a good day for Trevor and I…now it just has to happen.


Of course I’ve come to the sudden realization that I’m not sure if I like my dress.  And every other dress I see looks 10 time nicer, but I suppose that that is not the important part.  I’m not a dress kind of person.  For me it would be difficult to like any dress I picked.  I wish I hadn’t bought one online now, but then again, when I went perusing through stores things were either A, really not me, or B, extremely expensive.  So what other choice do you have at that point?


I need to finish the cake toppers and my headpieces and get together some table centers, but These are things that won’t take to long.  I’m more worried about taking in Trev’s shirt and finding his bow tie then anything.


If anyone has any pre-wedding jitter tips they can share it would be much appreciated. 😀


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