Zyra, My impressions after a week

So I picked up the Zyra and skin bundle because I thought the character concept was really neat.  That thought soon turned to reality.

Mind you I haven’t taken her into PVP yet.  Still rummaging with some build ideas and rune pages, but just in bots she is absolutely a terror!  I can nearly guarantee a nerf coming.  The combos on her are just so fluid and good it is rather astonishing.  Normally when you here of such things in League they require very precise timing or positioning, and while you need a good handle on mechanics and timing with her, the moves still fit together even if one drops out of place.

My biggest problem has been that her plant turrets don’t automatically focus on champions.  So when I launch one it might hit a minion a few times and then switch over or then go to another minion.  This is unfortunate and kind of what when I say the moves not working all together right all the time.  Seed down, snared, turret up, oh hey it is a minion!  *facepalm*

But it is still really easy to throw down another seed and get some damage in.  The poke from Zyra is just amazing. I think she maybe my new Urgot.  I also really like her recall and teleport animation.  It is little thing like that which make a character pop in my mind.

I’d say Zyra is certainly worth the pick up both RP and IP wise, and the skin is not bad either.  The Particle are smooth and just different enough to really make you feel special. I hope that there is one that isn’t so…sultry? Sexy? Whorish, perhaps? in the future.

Either way I hope to see you all on the Rift, Treeline, or Dominion!


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