Battlecast Monsters and why they make me sad

As many of you may know, I love Urgot.  I love his character design both visually and story wise.  I love the way he plays.  I love the psychological factor that he brings to the game.  It is the same for characters like Cho’Gath and Kog-Maw.  Ultimately I find the monster design to be rather irresistible and quirky that I can help myself but feel free to be drawn to such characters.

I went and bought the Butcher Urgot skin nearly as soon as I bought Urgot becuase who doesn’t like the idea of throwing chainsaws around.  Plus I’m on a mission to collect things with Urf references in them.  I quite often get told “you should buy the Battlecast Urgot skin, it is cooler” or “why would you ever want that?”.  My response is normally ‘Leave my fatteh alone.’  Then Acid Huntering them to the face by level three and getting first blood.  Particularly when there is a good support around who can really keep them in their spot.  Or they are mid and not sure where else to go.  Never tell me Mid-got is not viable, I will prove you wrong ;P

But really, I don’t buy the Battlecast skins because I feel that they remove exactly what I LOVE about the characters.  The semi-gross nature, the weird art work, the less then normal appearence, and honestly make them into pieces of a Power Ranger Robot.  That is cool and all, but not why I play Urgot, or mess around with these other guys on a free week.  You remove the moving fat of Urgot every time he walks and replace it with cold hard steel, you kind make him not Urgot.  You take way the bony structure of Cho and make him into a Zoid and I no longer see him as Cho.  They are apparently giving Skarner one too…And that just takes away his awesome amount of shiny.  But no word on anything for Trundle.  For everyone hates Trundle, which is sad.

I understand that they are trying to work this into this greater story arc thing, and that is great.  But at the same time, I feel that it is somewhat of a ploy to just get people to play these characters more often.  Which is great.  Except that I don’t see them as those characters.  And I guess one out of how ever many million player doesn’t matter, but don’t knock me for playing them how I like either.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I find the monsters charming and different in an other wise rather bland humanistic game.  So Riot, just don’t take that away on me.


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