Worst thing Ever…

Coming back to work after a three day weekend with very little to do.  Right now I”m waiting on a contract to start up, so I’m kind of in between things.  So I tried to get some other stuff done so it is less on my plate in the coming weeks between school starting and the wedding.

So I’ve e-mailed EscapistExpo to ask about their harassment policy.  While I’m used to being poked fun at a bit for being a girl gamer, there is a line I draw and I want to know what to do if that is crossed.  Figured it would be better to know now then after the fact.

I’ve also looked at what kind of tounies they are having…sadly nothing League related.  What a bummer.  Magic it is then.

Ordered books for school.  They came in under $200 and may drop if there are still used ones in stock.  We will see.  Less would be nice.  Hopefully they will be here within the week too.

I researched some CEMPs and did another ISP course.  Because what better ways to spend my time.

I ranted heavily about the way the media is not giving the same amount of attention to the Sikh Temple shooting as to the Aurora shooting.  Both are tragic incidents that deserve the same amount of play and information being presented.

I have looked at more videos of P4:Arena then are really fair…still debating whether I need the game or not…I think I might..oh how I wish it was coming to the vita.

I have watched minutes tick by on the clock.  That is what is the saddest thing of all.  HALP ME.


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