First Impressions: Persona 4 Areana

I think I have to start out by saying Whoa.  This game’s art looks amazing.  I expect no less from Atlus, but for being the first Persona game at all on the PS3/360 I love it.


I picked up the PS3 version while out picking up groceries last night and despite my sore shoulder and arm, got through the lesson mode.  I found that the lessons I was having problems with were the lessons that had ambiguous instructions.  Lesson 40, for instance, is to continuously back-step.  So I do so.  For a good five minutes.  I expected Death or something to show up eventually.  I reset the field and tried again. Did it forever again.  Reset the field.  Did the back side step mechanic a bunch of times.  Finally completed the task.  This happened a couple of times with a couple of different lessons, but it wasn’t awful.  I almost wonder if it was a bad localization job.


All the other issues I had were related to me not being able to quater circle well enough.  Which is why I normally play with the D-pad.  Damn these damaged hands of mine!


So I got done with that and moved on to the story mode.  I picked Yukiko since why not?  She was neat in P4 and I love fire users.  However I found my self making the most awful faces at her lamenting…over boxed lunches.  I get that it is important in Japanese culture, but every other word out of her mouth was about the damn lunches.  And the first 20 minutes was all dialouge!  So much talky talky!  And half of it just her inner thoughts that appear over her head in scenery that is lightly colored as white text so it is hard to see.  This is where Atlus failed.  I want my crisp black boxes back!


So I got up to Teddie and died.  Partially because he was PWN and partially because my meds were kicking in at this point.  He looks like a lot of fun to play, though.  And getting up to him started to make me question my own sanity and this game honestly.  Yet, I continued on to Arcade Mode, just to go get a feel for someone else.


AND MITSURU WAS AVAILABLE!  I had to play Mitsuru since Fuuka isn’t around.  I had a lot of fun with her, although I really need to take her just into the practice room I think.  Played some more until I died at the hands of Main Character.  What I really enjoyed about arcade mode was how they worked in bits of story there as well.  Yet, it wasn’t the full blabber that I was encountering during story mode.


I will be going to some group play tonight so I will report back on how multi player goes.  And hopefully improve my quater turn.


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