MTG: Red/Green Deck of Wolves! Pt. 1

I came to that realization of I am incredibly outdated in the world of Magic.  My last really successful deck was a Green/Black elves deck where I just created 1/1 elf tokens and gained health for all elf creatures on the field.  Which was just plane awesome!  Particularly those games where I just racked up the health to the 200 range.  Yeah…


Alas, though, it is no longer standard.  I shall not abandoned my first really lovely deck, but I can’t just whip it out all the time either.  So I’ve started to look at some cool alternatives  and right now I have a white/blue deck going on that revolves around flying and exalted.  It is pretty awesome.  A fun set of mechanics to work with, but I’ll cover that elsewhere.


Now I have always had a love of canines.  I went digging in what is considered standard currently and found a bunch of wolves that hang out all together and have this undying thing.  Neat.  So I started to mess around a bit with them.  Then I found a bunch of green and red enchantments that add +1 to at least attack and was like OMG please yes pile drive deck!  I also have a few of the Werewolves that switch back and forth, which is neat, cause you either deal with the werewolf side or you get rid of a bunch of spells to switch it back to human.


So I’ll be working on that over the next week or so that way I have two standard decks I can play with at Escapist Expo.  If anyone has card recommendations or strategies, please offer them up as I go!  I’ll probably give another update at the end of the weekend.  I’m also looking for something to match with black in the current set, so I can have a third deck, so if you have any builds you wanna toss to me or cards to offer up, I am more then willing!  Then I’ll start looking at EDH/Commander when I get back.


Until then thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for the card list!


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