*Gamer Gals Gotta Look Good* Oatifix Face Mask

Since having to start planning for the wedding I have had to start using cosmetics in order to get rid of some of the blemishes that seemed to have developed over time.  Being me, I can’t just walk into any old place and pick up the first thing on the counter.  My skin is super sensitive and I have some really crazy allergies that range from just itching to OMG I feel like I just took an arrow to the knee to go on with out me…I’m not going to get a second win here…

Anyway, I have found that the store Lush seems to fit most of my needs.  They let me try thing out in store or take home small samples to test before buying a large quantity.  Last night I did my first face mask of ‘Oatifix’, which as you can imagine has lots of oats in it.

Now I’ve had another issue where I hate the chemical smell and I can’t game while waiting for these things to do their job.  Not this stuff.  It smells like vanilla.  Leave it on for about 15 minutes and your good.  Not long enough for a game of League, but certainly long enough to get a few rounds in on Persona 4 Arena or run to a new area in your favorite RPG.  If you leave it on a little longer it won’t kill you either. I don’t think.  Except for maybe making you hungry because it then starts to smell like oatmeal cookies on your face!

From Lush

It really does look like oatmeal cookie batter…Make sure you keep it well labeled in your fridge so you don’t mix it up!

When I washed it off I didn’t see much of a difference, which made me a bit sad.  I want instant gratification damnit!  Where is my achievement?!  I went to bed longing for that *ding* to go off, but it did not.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up.  My face was significantly less red then it normally would be and some of those nasty pores that wanted to be obnoxious had reduced….I effectively eliminated their power-ups.  Also, my skin didn’t feel super tight as it normally does in the mornings.  And there was still the faint smell of oatmeal cookies in my bathroom which is always a plus.

Now it is really goopy and a little difficult to apply.  It also likes to get everywhere.  And if you wear glasses and want to put them on while letting it sit, try and leave the area where your glasses would sit clear so it doesn’t get all over them.  I also recommend putting it on before a shower that way if it gets into your hair, it isn’t a bad thing or a hassel to try and get out.  Also, if you are doing this for a special event, try and do it a few days before.  I’m finding that with the top layer of skin gone and cleaned, all these little new white heads are springing up, although they are going away just as easily and not leaving any blemishes.  Another con: you can’t buy it online since it is refrigerated.  But Lush stores are popping up everywhere, so hopefully you can find one pretty close to you.

Overall, anything I can buy, use, and play video games while using is a plus in my book.  To go get more information, visit the items page on Lush.  Oatifix Page

Also, tell me if you like this!  I’ve been using lots of products like this and normally while also playing the games and characters I’ve been reviewing!


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