MTG: Red/Green Deck of Wolves! Pt. 2

So I finally have the starting of my ‘Wolves to the Face’ deck as I’m affectionately calling it.  Really it is a ramp up aggro deck.  I have things that tap to give me extra land, things that give my other wolves more power, and Undying wolves to make sure that no one goes away to quickly.  It is a deck of causing problems.  My one weakness is flying, which I added in some Thundermaw Hellkites into the standard deck to help deal with that and then some things on my side board to slip in if I come across I heavy flying deck.  More on that in a bit.

So for now I have:


  • 2 Afflicted Deserter/Werewolf RansackerMy Favorite Wolf Card.
  • 2 Thundermaw Hellkites
  • 2 Pyreheart Wolf
  • 1 Yeva, Nature’s Herald
  • 2 Wolfir Avenger
  • 4 Scorned Villager/Moonscarred Werewolf
  • 4 Ulvenwald Bears
  • 4 Young Wolf
  • 4 Immerwolf


  • 1 Predatory Rampage
  • 2 Cleaver Riot
  • 3 Flames of the Firebrand
  • 1 Farseek


  • 4 Searing Spear
  • 2 Chandra’s Fury

So really the goal is to ramp up and get some of those Thundermaws and Ransackers out and flipped to start really attacking.  Early game the Young wolves are nice cause they are a 1/1 for 1  with Undying, so if they are killed they are brought back with a +1/+1 counter, plus the Bears have Morbid, so if anything dies that turn I can put a +1/+1 on target creature making my wolves a potential 3/3 for 1.   Not to mention getting out the wonderful Immerwolf which gives all other werewolf and wolf creatures +1/+1.  Wolfrir Avendr can be brought back too, so he is another good combo with the Bear and Immerwolf.

As for Sideboard cards I have quite a few different options.  If I find myself up against those pesky fliers I can throw in 4 Deadly Recluse, a Thunderbolt and 2 Plummet to try and round out the defensive on that end.  I’m sad that I don’t have something to further buff up my spiders(like Bond Beetles) but to get rid of early fliers it would work well.  If I find myself working agianst someone who has a lot of equipment I have a single Turn to Slag(hoping to draft more).  Outside of that, if I need to be doing more damage, I have some more Chandra’s Fury to throw in, 2 Mark of Mutiny, and Russet Wolves.  I have 3 other Farseeks to throw in as well if need be, cause I can see getting into situations where I’m just not getting the Mountains I need, but being fine on Forests.

So that is about it really.  Please offer up any suggestions you have and it is a work in progress.  I’ve only gotten to play it against Trevor’s decks, so I’m tweaking things here and there.  I’m open to ideas and suggestions, plus we bought a whole box of Dark Ascension so I have some new wolves to look at and weigh on whether or not to put in.  I’ll keep you guys updated!


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