You know what is awful?

I have gotten a lot done wedding wise this past weekend with Trevor.  We spoke to the photographer, got the last bit of food organized, some decor, tested out the wifi to make sure we could stream for our friends who couldn’t come etc.  It was overall a productive weekend.


And it felt like work.


Really I got just as much relax time as I do during the week.  I played maybe 3 games of league and went to Friday Night Magic.  That was about it.  I did not even get to touch the 6 Star Wars Tales Comics I picked up Friday night(you can’t beat buy 4 get 2 free and have the complete set).  I really wanted to sit down and play some more Persona 4 Arena or start up Rusty Hearts for the PC.  These things just did not have time to happen.


Now I’m sure I did this to myself with only giving myself 4 months to plan a wedding and not including bridesmaids to help out…but honestly with my friends all over the place it wouldn’t have happened.  Not to mention they all have their own lives.  My parents have been a huge help but between crafting and making and organizing it has been a very taxing experience.


One I truly can’t wait for to be over.  I don’t fit into this bridal mold.  Talk of towels, furniture, and such don’t quite fit into what I see of my life.  To be fair I asked for a whole new cooking set…buy mine consists of various hand me downs which still work perfectly fine and I can slowly start to replace on my own.


No, instead I have RAM, speaker sets, computer fans, and the Lego Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 model set.  Those are the things I want most.  Those are the things that Trevor and I would use as a couple to continue to build our relationship with…can anyone say rainy afternoon doing legos is not romantic?


In the meantime-which is thankfully less then 2 weeks- I will continue to paint minions and wrap flowers and lament over not getting a dress that fits perfectly(not like I would really be able to find one).  So until I can get back to my normal gaming self and not have every waking moment taken up by wedding stuff…enjoy a minion…he will be atop the cake, ready to take the tower 😀


The Groom Minion…he has gotten a bit fancier since this picture, but you will just have to wait.


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