Why our Rape Culture just Continues

I was not going to post anything today.  I was just going to enjoy my day and get some things done.  Then I saw that Representative Todd Akin is now doing after his comments on rape.  Which I won’t get into here.  If you haven’t heard them yet, just go look them up.

He is simply putting out an ad to ask for apology.  And he more than most likely expects to get it, particularly after mentioning the fact that he has two daughters that he would want full justice brought for.  He says he used the wrong words and it is not what is in his heart.  He still most likely believes that he should be the law on what happens with a woman’s body though.  But you shouldn’t rape them.

Does anyone else see the contradiction?

HE seems to think that there are different types of Rape…his doctor told him so

I’m not an extreme feminist by any stretch.  I am a female gamer and a rather independent woman who has been hurt by multiple comments in game and out of game on how rape would improve my attitude or how women need to be put in their place.  I feel that my place is best behind the controller.  I also feel that those comments are getting out of hand and now that we have U.S. Representatives simply asking for forgiveness on the issue of what they said, but still not wanting to give us decisions and ability to decide what to do with our bodies.

Then we wonder why people still see it is okay to talk in such terms.  We need people to lead by example, from the top down, both within society as a whole and the gaming community.  We need men to step up to the plate and realize that rape effects them as much as it effects women.


I will be anxiously awaiting to see if he is forgiven or not…in the meantime I will do my best to continue to improve the rape culture that persists in video games and reduce the impact it has on the women who play everywhere.


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