Those moments

Those moments where you realize it is way better to just shut up then fight.  People in league chat are just way to immature to be allowed on the internet and really….Who has time for an AD Carry who can’t last hit or hit a ult at point blank range?

I mean seriously…I sit there and save you and save you and save you…and then tell you I’m laying a ward…and you run into them.  Tell me how that makes sense.  I take a deep breath and make my sour sona face and help mid for the moment and you go and jungle!  And they are taking our tower you decide it is a good time to jungle…then you yell and tell me to uninstall my game.

And you wanna know what…stop calling me dude too…I’m tired of hiding that I’m a girl.  I don’t want attention or a boyfriend and I am certainly not a whore.  I just want to be addressed with the right pronouns.  I’m tired of using a mask.

But I keep my mouth shut during these games…and trek on.  For the good of the team.  And we still lose.  The other team has sympathy for all of us except for our AD Carry…what does that say?

I think this all says I need a nap…or need a team for League…any takers?


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