Captain Marvel #1 & 2

I picked up these two on a whim because I always really liked the Carol Danvers character and I thought the art style was really neat.


What I didn’t expect to pick up was this crazy contested battleground of nerdom.  Oh my dear goodness.  And it is mostly men complaining about her outfit!  What?  I understand that Mar-Vell was a very strong character and a lot of people were wanting him to come back, but rather than allow this evolution to happen we are going to be upset over her outfit?  Rather than want this strong character to follow in the steps of another we want her ass to show a bit more?


Get over yourselves. And go find something else to wank too.  The rest of us have moved on from the days of over accented breasts, butts hanging out, and hair that would just constantly get in the way.


Now, only two issues in I’m enjoying the story.  You learn about Carol’s demons with switching from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel and how many of her friends are encouraging it.  You see this friendly rivalry between her at Captain America that you would expect to see with Air Force vs. Army.  You learn about her dreams, aspirations, and regrets. You see a more human side *le gasp* as she makes coffee for a cancer ridden friend.  She seems like a viable person rather than this plastic model super hero.

Copyright Marvel

Honestly she reminds me of those ads during WWII to encourage women to take the helm of work! Which is just bad ass!

Now to me, jumping right into a time travel story arc is a risky move, but that is exactly what happens.  Issue two we are swept back and Captain Marvel meets up with an all female band of what seems to be resistance fighters.  To what, we are not entirely sure, but It certainly seems to be big.


Now I will say this might not be for everyone.  In fact, I think I might give it a few more issues before I whole heartedly recommend it for everyone.  But if you enjoy seeing Captain America being put down and some really creative uses for a cape, at least head over to your local distributor and take a read at the first one.


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