Magic The Gathering: Return to Ravnica Guilds

So I’m not sure how many of my readers play Magic enough to have a DCI number, but if you don’t, I would say you should go and get one anyway.  It registeres you in the system and allows you to gain points through various events and so on and so forth.  It also keeps track of your matches and gives you achievements…and who doesn’t like those?

What is even better in my opinion is the introduction of the guilds.  It seems like they were just launched yesterday and they feature the 10 guilds of Ravnica.  You can join one of these guilds and your points will be contributed to that group.  I’m not sure how it will contribute to the series once is launches, but I have a feeling it will produce some really interesting game play mechanics during launch.

I joined Selesnya, of course.  Although historically I play Black/Green, I really can’t pass up the chance of wolf mounts, although there has not been a mention of them yet.  I will be sad if there is nothing that can be compared to Tolsimir and Voja, but I’m sure I can find a cool mechanic to work with none the less.  After all I expect lots of creature tokens if they have an ability called ‘Populate’.  I know we have Trostani, that three headed thing…but really…please don’t leave me hanging with the wolf mounts.

Copyright Wizards of the Coast

It is kinda of a neat tree/sun thing

When I first joined I was number 6 in the guild.  As of 9:53 am this morning, there are 351.  I knew I should have screen capped that XD.  However, we aren’t doing to well in the rankings so if anyone would like to come and join me in my little guild please do so!  After you get your DCI number.


I will admit…Selesnya has never been the most popular guild.  There aren’t crazy dragons running around or mad scientist labs.  It is kind of this pure religious and nature state that many people just don’t get.  But, blue white tends to have some good tactics…and we know I’m all about the tactics.


Also, I found my Nath of the Gilt Leaf and am thinking about turning my Elf Deck of Lots of Elves into an EDH deck…just put elf counters everywhere.  If anyone has any tips for me on EDH they would be greatly appreciated.  I’m still just trying to read over the rules and wrap my head around it all, so any help is appreciated!

Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Discard a card and create elf tokens!


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