Barrier to Entry: Where it is and Where it isn’t for Young Girls

I was talking with my co-worker yesterday who has an elementary school aged daughter, so around like, 8 years old.  Recently she has really started to enjoy things like superheroes and Pokemon and other small ‘idgety.  She asked me, knowing my affinity for such things, if there was anyway to make it a more social experience for her.  I suggested the Pokemon card league at the local game shop, creating these ‘superhero’ parties where her and her friends could watch movies, read comics, ect.


That is where we ran into a stumbling blocks.  Besides these little kids shows, are there really and female superheroes out there that you can both watch the movie for and then go and pick up the comic book and feel safe having kids read.  I racked my mind for a while and realized that if you are a clueless parent(no offense) there is no way you can feel comfortable picking up a comic book for your child without having to spend the time to read it yourself.  Now, this co-worker would be willing to do that for recommendations that I gave her and if I brought in some samples.  I don’t know of many parents who would.  But even my collection at home…I can’t really think of anything tame enough without going to Manga.


Which is sad, cause what the girl really loves is the vibrant colors and bold lines that things like Superman  provide.  Yet I wanted to give her a strong and independent female character to read as well.  So I went and perused my selection.  All the female characters don’t wear enough clothing, have some very heavy language, or to much gore.  Am I really just going to have to give her comic book versions of the shows she already watches, like the Winx club?  Maybe find some of the comics based on the Teen Titans cartoon?

I mean, we have gone from the images on the left when I was getting into comics to the ones on the right…and nothing has been there to take its spot…So how are these newer generation supposed to really get into this?























I’m not sure what I missed…Why is there nothing that is ‘entry’ level for cimcs any longer?  Particularly for young girls?  Please share if you know something!


On to what does have entry levels: video and card games.  Pokemon has made that possible.  It has been universally cool for like…the past 15 years at least.  It is the thing that transcends generations almost.  It leads people from one game to another, both in video and card.  It creates a greater social experience with trading and talking.  It introduces people to a whole other culture for pete’s sake!  What is the comic book industry missing here that is going to stop the great momentum they had with younger people being re-interested in their products?  Not just young girls, but young men as well.  Are they relying on people like me, in their early 20s, to really start pumping out the kids that fast and get them hooked?  I think they need to re-evaluate their plan.


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