Guest Writing and more wedding stuff!

Just so you all know I am guest writing over on Nurgleprobe’s blog now as well!  Currently there is only the Persona 4: Arena review up, but I plan on doing some stuff about the Charity Gaming event at Escapist Expo and probably some of the other Magic tournaments coming up in my area.  Like Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Please tell me if you are going!  I would love to hear from you and get pictures!  Here is the Nurgleprobe blog!  Go give it a look!

In other news, Trevor and I had a wonderfully nerdy wedding that was short, simple, and sweet with close family and friends involved.  Our minions were fashionably late to the wedding, but that is okay cause we got a lot of other stuff out of the way before that. There was nearly no food left by the end…even though I don’t think I got to really eat any.  It was much hotter than we anticipated, but it was still nice anyway.

How adorable are they? I think they were the most popular thing at the wedding…

It really was an incredible day.  FOr all the stress and wanting to throttle people I did smile a lot, which is something that I haven’t seen often.  I think it is because that because rather then try and be something that we aren’t, both Trevor and I did this on our own terms and with our own quirks.  There were some weird happenings and some funny looks, but lots of laughs and smiles all around.

I walked down to my Star Wars music and people giggled.  There were a few who did not quite get the reference, but they just are not cool enough.  We did not get our Chocobo theme since we couldn’t get to the computer, but it was playing in my head.  That makes me happy.

Anyway, in case you wanted to know how geeky I went, or there is another nerd girl out there having problems figuring how to exactly write what your were feeling, I’d figured I’d include my vows for your enjoyment!

Trevor, with this ring, I do equip myself +1 soulmate, to have and to hold like the epic quest item needed until the end of game.  I know I can rely on you when I fail to pass my dexterity checks while replacing the screw on my motherboard or just to supply me with a one up when life is feeling down.  You are the medic to my fighter, the support to my attacker.  I can deal with you beating me at Tetris so long as I keep the higher ranking in everything else.  I’m making a note here: huge success; and I promise to continue to love you and be by your side until the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

We were incredibly happy 😀

More pictures will be popping up probably as I get them!


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