This post got changed awfully quick

I was going to write about Attack Speed Varus build…but then something awful happened to me.


I found out my dear cat Mia had passed on and crossed over the rainbow bridge.


I feel both torn up and numb.  I’ve had her since I was incredibly young.  She stayed with my parents when I went to college since she was mostly blind and was getting around the house on memory.  I always made sure to have some time to the side for her when I visited.  Give her a bath, pets, brushes, bring treats, or whatever.


Now…now I just don’t know.  I just kinda want to lay down and cry..but work prevents that…and by the time I get home I know the awfulness in my gut will pass.


I will miss you, girlie, and all your funny motions as you tried to figure out which direction to look…

My always troubled girl held on for so long…I will honor her always


4 responses to “This post got changed awfully quick

    • Very….I’m super depressed because of this…kinda don’t want to do anything…only made worse because our German Shepard is also in bad shape….and I love my animals to bits!

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