Escapist Expo Day 1

So we got here last night around 8 pm.  Trev and I wasted no time in the getting to no people and suddenly start playing random games.  He got sucked into a random game of the PAX deck bulding game while I played a few people in Magic.  I had so much fun and I found some really good thing out about my R/G deck which was useful.

Speaking of decks, I promised a B/G exalted deck, didn’t I?  Well it has been tweaked and fixed and hopefully will work well now.



4 Duty Bound Dead

4 Tormented Soul

4 Knight of Infamy

3 Deadly Recluse

2 Scorned Villager

4 Vampire Nighthawk

1 Predator Ooze

2 Duskmantle Prowlers

2 Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis



4 Rancor

3  Tragic Slips

2 Ring of Xathrid

1 Mutilate


4 Cathedral Of War

10 Swamps

10 Forest


2 Cower in Fear

2 Mind Rot

2 Distress

2 Murder

3 Naturalize

4 Servant of Nefarox


That is what I have right now.. I’m debating playing this or my Wolves deck, which has also been going through some adjustments.  Hoping to get through some more games today and figure out which one works better and go from there.  Anyway, off to get badges and our day two!


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