An Odd Satisfaction

So I’m going to go back to the tournament this weekend.  I’m going to say something that will probably come off as really pompous, and I think that is okay once in a while.  I’m probably going to catch some slack for this, and that is more than most likely okay too.

It felt really good whooping Delver’s behind this past weekend at the Hexproof Charity Open.

(c) Wizards of the Coast

This is what Mondronnen Shaman turns into…and it is a nightmare for spell heavy decks.

It was the last match of the day.  The first match was really slow.  He flipped over three different Delvers and I whipped them all off the board.  Searing spears and Flames of the Firebrand for the win.  Also, those one drops that could match him hit for hit.  Wolfbitten Captive and Young Wolf were great because they could be thrown down and either give them something that they wanted to get rid of or put them ont he defensive.  Getting out Scorned Villager and Immerwolf were great next steps.  By turn four I could toss out the Mondronnen Shaman and since he didn’t know what she did when flipped he didn’t worry about it.  He went after my Immerwolf and I took it. Laid out another one and casted Moonmist and with his third Delver and other creature tapped ran in with a bunch of overpower wolves.

The second game I didn’t do so well.  I kinda just got mana starved and was operating with only my Young wolf and a Scorned Villager.  They were still keeping him on his toes, but with no mountains I didn’t have the removal I needed.

(c) Wizards of the Coast

Third game we had 8 minutes left in the round.  I drew what could only equate to god(dess) hand.  Flames of the Firebrand, searing spear, mountain, forest, Rootbound Crag, Wolfbitten Captive.  Throw the forest and Captive down. Pass to him.  He plays a delver.  Comes back to me and I get that Crag out to give me flexibility, plus I draw a Kruin Outlaw.  Searing spear the delver and attack with the Captive.  He lays another land, ponders and passes to me.  Draw another Mountain.  Fine I can operate on one forest.  Throw down one of the Mountains, the Kruin Outlaw. Attack again.  He attacks with some thing that is unblockable for 1 in blue(looked like it was mooning someone, some sort of invisible thing?)  We are down to five minutes.  He throws down another Delver.  I draw Immerwolf.  Rather than put her down right away I kill the delver after putting down another mountain and attack for three.  He draws again, ponders, and swings for 1 to pass.  I draw another searing spear and hold on to it, deciding now to throw down Immerwolf, plus all my wolves flip.  I attack for 8 from Kruin because of double strike and 3 from Wolfbitten.  He draws again and sits, thinking, putting us at time pretty much.  We go to over time.  He wipes out Immerwolf and casts another spell.  My monster flipp back over and I drew another mountain.  I didn’t have enough to attack so I put down the mountain and sat on the defensive for a turn, knowing he had things to counter and knock out creatures right now.

He goes again and puts another delver.  Swings for one with the unblockable thing.  I pick out a flames of the Firebrand.  He is at like, 4 or 5 health.  With Searing Spear and Flames I can knock him out, and even if only one gets through I still have creatures to attack with and he would have had to tap some mana.  Go for it.  He lets both land.  Game.  Judges are pestering me to fill out slips after they stood behind me the whole time.  I’m just shaking. OI VEI.

Now mind you, some of this may be a bit…altered.  It was a flash of a round, but i was the general gist.  And I’m mostly giddy because everyone is all like, look out for Delver, Delver is a problem, Delver is bad, and I really just went right for the throat. And I felt good about it.  And I really like this feeling, no mater how fleeting it may be.


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