Two instances where I should not be playing games:

While I’m hyped up on caffeine or while I’m incredibly sick.


I did both this week and neither went well.  Although I may have to do some more caffeine this weekend to do the Return to Ravnica Pre-release…I will not suck down a whole Venti frappe in a matter of 20 minutes.  That was not good for anything.  Learned my lesson, moving on.


However, I woke up Sunday and felt like death.  Throat swollen, nose closed, etc.  It is quite awful.  And I went to a GPT qualifier.  I did awfully.  Although I did get two Planeswalkers out of the mix.  Only used Ajani though.  Hard to figure out a deck that uses both Ajani and Nichol Bolas.  Learned a lot, came in 9 out of 10, more so proud of Trevor for going from 8th to 3rd.  I still just have a lot to learn of what the cards can do and how they can interact with each other better, although I feel I still did pretty good all things considered.  I normally at least won one match up rather just being crushed.  And mana seemed to be my biggest problem.  First time I ran a enchantment/sorcery heavy deck rather than creature heavy.


Anyway, I have a project to do for my masters, so not sure how much I’ll be around until the Weekend, but expect lots of posts from RtR!


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