I feel that this is a really good discussion to have, particularly as we are in the middle of generations. Do you feel, as a consumer, that we are having things regurgitated a bit to much at us? Or is it okay because we all seem to love it? Or are we living with it for now because we are waiting for the new generation which is bound to bring new things? Or has the industry grown stagnant because there is very little new being brought in at a regular interval(take a look at job postings and you’ll see what I mean)?


I realized today that with Borderlands 2 out, I’m not really all that excited for the rest of this year’s release calendar (except maybe ‘Sin Creed 3). So I had to ask myself: why? Why am I not excited about being a gamer any more?

My gut response was that games aren’t as exciting any more and not just in the ways you’d expect me to be upset with. Sure, CoD has made it so a shooter just has to have a tacked on campagin to its massive mutliplayer hard-on instead of the other way around, but that’s not the real problem. It’s the moments that are missing.

Like, Nathan Drake’s excting and all with his set piece dramatic moments, but that’s not a game to me. It’s a movie I’m walking through that occasionally slips into the blooper reel. Final Fantasy 13 looks flashy and there’s a few good…

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