I don’t have much to add

Really, everyone else has kind of thrown in most of the two cents on the Pre-release and covered it really well.  Not to mention this project for school is bogging my brain down and stiffling all other writing attempts.  I did have lots of fun and Trevor did get some pictures of me playing, which I will gladly leave with you all so you can see.  I played Selesnya, Izzet, and then I got a Golgari box but had better Selesnya cards…LOL.  I did relatively awful all weekend, I think still recovering from the sick and then being in a new spot for playing and doing nearly 24 hours of magic just was a poor choice on my part.  But I had fun talking with everyone and getting to see the cards.  I also learned so much from the judges that weekend. I hope to see some of the people who were there a bit more often at FNM now 😀

ALSO  I want more Two Headed Giant games.  That was way to much fun and the crazy was well…crazy.

I really want the Selesnya Banner…

The face you get when you just say to ‘Look up, Rei!’

I don’t even know how he got this one of me being all intense like…

And then there was happiness for no real reason 😀


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