Well…this will be interesting

I made Ravnica Brownies for the actual release tonight.  So each of the pans has the guild colors sprinkles on top.  They look really fun!  I’ll get better pictures tonight probably.  I only hope that 5 trays was enough.

On top of this, I have until Sunday to get my project for school done.  I don’t think I have ever waited until the last minute on anything like this before.  I’m nearly always done at least a week ahead of time.  But I guess I’m still not used to the shift from 16 week courses to 8 week courses.  I’ll get better.  I’ve learned my lesson.  I’m semi done.  Once I get through this section the rest will be pretty quick.

It is only this difficult cause I had to do something I have never dealt with before.  But now I can tell you passenger rail regulation!  Yay walking encyclopedia!  As is nuclear and chemical regulations weren’t enough!


I do this even when I’m not going crazy….

Save me.


3 responses to “Well…this will be interesting

  1. I wanna see pictures of the brownies!! I made Magic cookies for a bunch of my friends for Christmas gifts last year…I should try to find a photo of them…

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