Weight off the shoulders

I am done with my first Master’s Course!  And I got an A in it!  Woo hoo me!  I feel awesome right now.  Even though I only got a C on my final, all of my projects were just so awesome I did awesome anyway.  So I feel a lot better about myself.  At the same time I have to be careful not to become to self assured.


In other news, while I’ve been having a lot of fun with Ravnica, I’m not doing so well with it.  I’m going to try a normal draft this weekend and see how we do, but ultimately I want to just take my constructed decks and play with them.  At the same time, I know most of the people netdeck and that is never a fun thing to go up against time and time again.  So I’m in an interesting spot.  Not sure how to really fix it either.


Last weekend was awesome with the brownies though!  Everyone loved them and they really looked cool.  All I did was use the little sugar crystal sprinkles in the guild colors while the brownies were still warm.  They melted in just enough but were very distinct.  Then each container got a little picture of the guild symbol on it as well.  I think I will need to back for FNM more often.  It was relaxing to say the least.

My hands did not want to be steady, but here is Selesnya!

I missed out on taking a picture of Golgari…they got devoured before I got to it.

I also got the rest of my awesome dice!  Now a have a complete set of tie die!

How totally awesome are they!?

Oh and then car shopping.  Went to the Chevy dealer Sunday and did not quite fall in love with either the Sonic or the Spark.  The Sonic was okay but I couldn’t get it with cruise control without going to the ultimate package.  That seemed weird to me, and was more money then I wanted to spend.  I went home and thought about it, did some research, and saw that the Kia dealership had some left over Rio5’s and Soul’s so I decided to go take a look.  They come with cruise control after all.  I still loved the Soul, but I did not really enjoy the Rio5.  They also convinced me to try a Forte Sedan Eco.


I was sold.  It had everything I wanted and a 2.0L engine.  That is like, the best of all the worlds.  Good gas mileage but still has pick up!  And it is comfy!  And adorable!  And satellite radio!  And bluetooth!  ZOMG!  Plus it was pretty cheap.  I like cheap.  So here it is!  I need a name for it still…

New car is adorable! Any naming ideas?

But that has been all…Probably update tomorrow with some deck ideas I’m working on and my opinion of the Mechromancer.  If not tomorrow for the Mechromancer, probably sometime over the weekend :D.  I also have come Comic book reviews to catch up on if people still want them.


❤ Rei




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