You’re gonna have a bad time…

Over the weekend, Trevor and I decided to go to a Pro-Tour Qualifier for Quebec.  It was sealed limited for Return to Ravnica, which was just great.  I got a decent pool that I was able to work something together with that was pretty torturous to people who weren’t expecting things.  I really felt good about what I was doing and how I was playing.

I did not enjoy the environment around me.  I was pushed, shoulder checked, and trampled.  I had some of the weirdest comments regarding my sex, that were in no way offensive, just off the wall.  I wasn’t allowed to bring in outside food or drink (i.e. my protein bar and water bottle).  They did not take card, only cash.  Most of the players I spoke with were not particularly happy with judges for one reason or another.  Plus they were getting ready to start a GPQ as well!  It was just bonkers!

PTQ Quebec in Rockville, MD

And they were looking to add more people!

I won the first round.  Lots of detain and swing with big Rakdos creatures with Izzet charms attached.  Making the Bloodfray Giant fly is always a good idea.  The second game was a bit closer, but I still dominated even with only three land for the first 6 turns.  It felt great to have made a deck that could ultimately operate on that and that alone and still be completely viable.

Round 1; Game 1

This was my part of the board at the end of the game.

Round 1, Game 2

And for game 2…That traitor!

The next two games were not nearly as good.  It was so strange.  In one I wasn’t sure still how much land I would need in opening and decided to go with a two land hand and had some three drops.  My opponent was playing heavy aggro Rakdos with Golgari splashes for the scavenge and decoy.  The second game I was more successful but not quite enough.  The next round was a lot better, but I just couldn’t get the answers out for all his counter spells and burn.  I don’t think it was my decks fault as much as it was my fault for not thinking of a way to get the car pull in there.  Both of these people seemed surprised at how much of a fight a girl gave them and then overall there was a surprise that I was seated towards the top consistently.  I will say that I was the highest ranked female when I left, which makes me feel bad, but I was tired of the general rudeness that seemed to permeate the place and not having any options for food near by or being able to bring it in to scarf down while shuffling made it hard to really have any longevity.

I’ve been playing with the builds over the weekend and have them a bit refined and separated.  I still have a lot of work to do with them, but it is ultimately a lot of good ideas I got from the limited set, both during Friday Night Magic and the PTQ.   As I’ve become more comfortable with Ravnica I’ve also become more comfortable with my playing and learned what is good for me and what is not.  I’ve started writing down plays, what is done wot me, what issues I’m having at what points in the game.  It really not only helped going forward in limited, but also in constructed.  I’m really looking forward to moving forward and getting better.

With that in mind…who is going to Philadelphia in two weekends?


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