OMG Extra Life 2012!

I hit my goal for Extra Life 2012!  I have raised a solid $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network, Children’s National Medical Center.  Now to just game for 24 hour.


Psh, whatever!


I will be starting this Friday during FNM, going home and sleeping for a bit and then getting it going again in the morning.  I will be doing lots of different things through out the day.  If you want to get my name for League of Legends, Cockatrice, or PSN.  I’m looking for people to play with throughout the day 😀


I do have some school work to do, but I have every intention on having that done today and tomorrow.  Whatever I don’t get done Saturday due to falling asleep at the controller, board, keyboard, whatever, will be finished up Sunday.  I will probably provide an hour by hour update of things here in a live blog like entry.


Anyway, I would love for you to get involved in this by playing games with me or continuing to donate to either me or other players!  We have raised quite a bit of money for a great cause and I know a lot of kids will benefit from us playing games.  How great is that?


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