Spider Queen….Why so naked?

For serious Riot.  We have had enough of the cleavage bound and mid-drift showing females.  It is getting old now.  I understand that on some level, sex sells, but for pete’s sake this is just getting blatantly gross and misogynistic at this point.

I love the game.  I love my minions.  I enjoy the champion mechanics   But right now, If I want to have a female champion that wears clothes I have to go play Leona, Kayle, or a Yordle.  You ruined Morganna by making her anorexic and none of the new females are much better.  Now I can’t play her without having a skin cause I’m just repulsed.

Soraka is the only one that has really been improved upon recently.  And I don’t play her!

I just want an actual woman champion.  Not a sexualized figure, but a character that doesn’t make me feel guilty for my own imperfections every time I see it or give the male players of the game the validation to say women in real life are fat simply because the virtual characters they play with are unhealthy.

I don’t pretend to know the exact answer to this issue, but this is how I feel.  It is honestly why I kinda moved away from the game along with starting school.  Feeling like a second class woman while in game was kinda awful.  I know that women can be full figured, or at the very least fully clothed, and still be sexy.  I’m not talking like fully covered, but fully clothed.

Maybe I’m just ranting…I’ll go back to my pointless girl gamer section of the world now and feel insignificant.


EDIT: Thank you to Nhan-Fiction to providing me with this wonderful link showing exactly what I’m talking about with female champions looking the same recently.


18 responses to “Spider Queen….Why so naked?

  1. Not really sure what game she comes from since this is the first time I’ve seen her and have yet to look into it, but you shouldn’t feel down about it. Obviously sex sells. And that is never going to change. The other thing it seems you are paying to much attention to the character’s appearance more than what the character itself was made for. Being a male I do enjoy female characters a lot. However, I also enjoy male characters as well if they’re just really awesome. However, I think the major point you’re missing from the game is the fact that games are built to step away from reality and as you mentioned yourself she is unrealistic. So they’re doing their job. Not to say that having other types that are clothed are bad. A great example I think is Jun from Tekken Tag 2. Freaking awesome character, but I do have to say I dislike fighting against her on arcade mode. =/

    • It is for League of Legends. I did say that I enjoy the champion mechanics, but they haven’t released this new champion yet. If you want(which I don’t necessarily expect you to do unless you are that interested) go back and look at the female champions released this year you can see what I’m talking about. There is also the issue of making characters nearly naked despite them being from frozen tundra environments, or changing a character from being already skinny to now having bones sticking out. Magic does a great job of varying how the female characters look without taking away how sexy they are. Same with the older Soul Calibur games, and even Tekken. I just don’t understand why every character they create has to be damn well near naked.

      • Looked into it. Thought the designs were pretty sweet. I understand the logic you’re coming from with the fact that it does seem a bit moronic to just throw in characters with clothing that doesn’t make sense with their environment, but there are always lots of things that don’t make sense with games. A great one I think is the whole sneaking around with a beat up oil drum in metal gear solid 4. Loved the game, but did seem rather silly that i could sneak around in a pristine building with an oil drum full of small holes and not get caught by the bad guys.

      • Oh yeah. And That is what I though the purpose of the skins were. And really I don’t mind the occasional sexy outfit either. It just seems like we are inundated with them recently between the remakes of characters and the new ones coming out. Crazy things always happen in games…but to not listen to a rather large fanbase about the issue and adjust it some what seems…off to me.

      • That’s great! I didn’t realize that anyone on the Riot team had actually spoken about this. We should get together and encourage such things. 🙂 I, for one, am a big fan of Tweeting the many folks of the Riot staff which are on Twitter. Easy, unintrusive, and often effective.

  2. Tekken Tag 2 had to face similar criticisms… however it was pointed out that the male characters where just as able to wear short shorts and revealing outfits. Personally, I find the character design creepy in an appealing way. Here’s to opposing points of view!

    • Yeah. I mean, look at Dead or Alive…I guess more than actually clothing, what I’m looking for is character difference. I feel like I’m being fed the same character with a different set of clothes on each time.

  3. I suppose I sit on the other side of the fence, in a sense, on this topic. I agree that there should be a variety of appearances for both genders, but on the other hand, I don’t pick the characters I play based on how they look. I pick them because I love playing the ad-carry as Ashe or jungling as Warwick. It’s the mechanic of the champion that sells me on them, the cosmetics are secondary, so much so that I’ve never purchased a different skin.

    • And that is a good point. I will try any champion out but I do very much enjoy the aesthetics of a character. Not how good looking they are necessarily, but how individual they are. Urgot is perhaps my favorite champion! The fact that I can play him as bruiser, carry, or mid is equally awesome! I’m excited to see the Spider Queens mechanics, but as someone who loves character design(lore included) I guess I just wanted something different. I feel the same when it comes to Zyra…nothing indicates she is this sexy thing and then you see here and the story to the picture didn’t match in my mind.

      And I don’t get in a tizzy about just female characters! I ranted and raved about the treatment of Viktor when new lore smeared him up, down, left, and right. Thanks a lot for the input!

      • I should point out that my feelings differ in traditional RPGs/MMORPGs. In those games, I pick my race due to how they appear and I always play male characters because I find them more relatable, but I end up picking the class based on their mechanics, much like how I pick champions in LoL.

  4. When I did play League, I was always a huge fan of Karma. No matter how well I played, I always felt classy in her default skin. But her only other skin is actually amazingly tasteful as well. It does show skin, but not in an overly sexual way. Also of note, the same skin does not have Male Gamer Marketing Inflated Breast Syndrome.

    Of course whenever her remake sees the light of day, I am sure they’ll do a new skin for her that involves a lot more tits and a lot less robe. Sigh.

    • That is about right…I picked which skins I like for Nidalee based on her cat form…

      But even with Fiora’s most recent skin…I’m just tired of it. I don’t want to be devoid of sexuality, I just want to know that things can be done without it as well.

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