Extra Life 2012 Recap: LoL, MtG, B-Lands, Catan, OH MY!

That was intense.  I started my 24 hour marathon session off with Friday Night Magic, in which I planned on playing constructed but had a deck that was all hobbled in ten million pieces.

So we switch to draft!  Hurrah!  I’m starting to get a hang for how to draf RtR. It is much different then the core set and for me requires some pre-planning.  At my table we had three people drafting Rakdos, including myself.  Yet, each of us wound up with a different third color.  For instance, I had a mainly Rakdos deck that included a lot of Izzet tricks.  And Stab Wound.  I love Stab Wound.

But, now that I have really gotten to to know the cards, and the mechanics that work together well, I’m feeling much better.  I plan on continuing forth to this Friday at the GPT Philadelphia.

So I went home, caught some light Z’s and then picked it right back up bright and early in the morning.  Loaded decks into Cockatrice, started playing League, updated Path of Exile and played that a bit.  Waited for Trevor to get up so I could deck test and started to do that. Made adjustments, played more League.  It was nice since I wasn’t playing for super serious I was able to experiment with characters I normally wouldn’t play.  Which is always interesting.

Then I moved out into the living room and started up the PS3 and worked through some more of Persona 4: Arena.  I know have all the characters unlocked!  Yay!  And then I fell asleep with two cats on my lap and a controller in my hands.  WTF life?

Trevor woke me up though.  With lovely pizza and wings!  Oh how much better could the day be!?  Borderlands 2, he asks.  WELL DUH?  So it then becomes the loot fest until about 1 am.  It was ridiculous.  There was also my wonderful husband making chocolate chip walnut cookies.  OMG yay.  While he was taking breaks I played some Catan and got my butt whooped by the computer as usual.

This is definitely an event that I will be doing again in the future and I encourage everyone to take part in somehow.  I raise $100 for Children’s Miracle Network and had a lot of fun. While playing League I got a lot of other people interested and spread the word around during chats and stuff.

What to look forward too: This week I want to get some of these comic book reviews done before I pick up the next batch.  Also, Sunday or Monday expect pictures and such from the GP.  If anyone has anyway to simulate sealed online so that I can practice with people that would be great :D.


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