Job Things

So I’m going to discuss something other than gaming for a change.  Because while gaming is my life, I need to have something to pay for it.

Yay career.

Boo how to get there.

Now I consider myself a moderately successful college graduate with a job at least and a wonderful husband.  The problem is that this job tends to really get in the way of that thing called the rest of life.  I see my husband for maybe 4 hours of the day.  I don’t get to really do anything during the week.  Instead of just 8 hours a day I’m doing about 12 hours once you include the awful DC commute.  I take the train.  It would be longer if I drove.  Mind you I tend to get lots of school work done on that train bit, but it is still a bit of a drag realizing you live not even 30 miles away from work and on average it takes 2.5 hours to get there.

So I have been applying for other jobs.  I applied for one back down in the area I went to school at and got called back for a second interview.  After the first interview I’m not sure if I want the job.  I want to do the things that the job entales, just not everywhere it goes.  It doesn’t really pay much more, my commute would be shorter, but I may travel longer.  It doesn’t really move me anywhere except away from a lot of the friends I have developed over the past few months.

I am not sure what I do.  I have other applications in.  Waiting on other things.  But I still don’t know.  Those other things could take a while. But I guess I’ve been doing 12 hours so far there is no reason I can’t keep it up for a while longer.

Plus do I really want to move farther away from my family again with all the crazy stuff that is happening with them?  While I have my own life, they are my family and I do need to be around to support them…

BTW if anyone is reading this that has a position open in Emergency Management/Homeland Security in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area, get in touch!


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