Unease in the Force

Disney bought LucasFilms for some $4 Billion.  That is ridiculous.  But okay.  We are assured out books, and the Jedi experience at Disney World and Land and whatever else they come up with.  Clone Wars moves to Disney XD.  Sure.  Okay, Asoka kinda belongs there I guess, ultimately.

Then they announce an Episode 7.  Now, I know as the giant Star Wars fan I am this is something that has been planned out for a very long time and slowly kinda merged into what the books are since it didn’t look like they would happen.  Mostly because Lucas was tired of being treated like shit by the fans.  Fair enough.  I’ll take books *devour*.


This will be all new content!  This will be something we have never seen before!  This will be awesome!

That is great George and Mickey…but will this mess up the books that you have me reading like crack, picking up as soon as they come out and reading in one sitting?  Will this erase what they have set up in my mind as the cannon?  Will this mean I get some alternate universe a la Marvel or DC that you now have to rationalize?  Does this validate me writing Fanfiction in the form of Battle Royale style where Leia gets to kill all the other Disney Princess since you don’t seem to care?

Seriously…If she is now considered a Disney Princess, Leia gets the title of Sentaor, Queen, and General Badass all in one.

If not, then don’t take away my books, my stories of Mara Jade, Jedi children who save the day, and the Empire eventually working with the Republic.  Don’t take away the heroics of Chewbacca, Anakin Solo, and Tahiri.  Don’t remove the drama of Jaina and Jacen or the star crossed love of Ben and Vestara.  I really don’t want Pixar making Star Story or Car Wars nor do I wanted it animated.  Most of all, don’t make Han, Leia, and Luke this little speck in the distant past and pretend that they didn’t affect all of our lives.  Keep them relavant, make them important.


EDIT: It seems that there are many calls to do the Thrawn Trilogy.  While I would like to see something a little farther along, such at The New Jedi Order, I don’t particularly care as long as it all stays cannon.  Please give me your comments on this too!


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