Wreck-It Ralph and Interesting Look on Gender and Gaming

I took Trevor to go see ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ for his birthday last week.  We both thought the movie was awesome and took a few different messages away from it.  To see what he thought, which was a much more general message and very uplifting, click here!

I was really happy with the way all the characters were done.  I felt that perhaps the love situation was a bit forced, but it is a Disney movie, what can I expect.  I’ve heard some people complain about the progress stopping to explain things, but at the same time I saw people not getting certain reference that to those of us who at one time played in an arcade, so I’m not sure if I really saw that happening.

But, what I enjoyed most, as a female who has played games for a very long time, as the one who has been kicked off games or knocked out of line because I must not really want to play this thing, was the little girl who existed outside of the arcade system.

Yes, her, the one who knew the games well enough to recognize when things were not right.

To me it shows a very large step forward in the video game industry of actually admitting that girls play games.  What a thought, right?  More importantly, she seems to play a wide array of games and doesn’t really care if they aren’t meant for girls.  She plays the first person shooter(which Jane Lynch as the lead character is awesome as well), she wants to play the racing competitive game, and she plays the classics.

Yet, as with what happens in games, there is always someone who thinks they are better and she is denied the chance to play some of these games.  That does not become a deterrent though.  She simply moves to something else.  She knows that there is nothing that really stops her from playing ultimately, the bullies are just a minor stumbling block.  She really is the positive message that people need to see when thinking about girl gamers.

But not just girl gamers.  When thinking about anything that is not the status quo or outside of a stereotype.  I don’t care who you are or what you enjoy doing, as long as you can respect the same about me.  To me, that was the biggest message of this movie…and it was echoed in the plot as well, I feel.

Anyway…what else is in the pipeline for me?  I have some reviewing to do for a deck building game called ‘Shadowrift’, my thoughts on this arc of Captain Marvel, and still trying to figure out a deck to play for the Open in December that is not Bant Midrange.


2 responses to “Wreck-It Ralph and Interesting Look on Gender and Gaming

  1. I watched that movie last night. It was very entertaining. I do have to say it was nice to go see that a girl was playing games and not just guys. The thing I liked most though was the message of self acceptance.


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