Give No Cares! A B/G deck

So this is the deck that I will probably be taking with me to Baltimore.  Trevor and I have been working on it slowly but surely over time and I’m really not sure how it is going to work.  Kinda wish my Mill deck was in better shape, but I figure I’ll keep working at that and probably use it at Atlantic City and MAGFest.

I can’t wait for the right guild to be around…

Anyway, on to deck!

Give No Cares


  • 3 Slitherhead
  • 4 young wolf
  • 4 Strangleroot Geist
  • 4 Dreg Mangler
  • 3 Thragtusk


  • 3 Blessings of Nature
  • 4Rancor
  • 3 Ultimate Price
  • 3 Grisly Salvage
  • 3 Golgari Charm


  • 4 Liliana of the Veil


  • 4 Overgrown Tomb
  • 4 Woodland Cemeteries
  • 8 Forest
  • 6 Swamp

There are some more tweaks that need to be made.  For instance, I want to put Garruk in there, as well as Jarad.  While Thragtusk is nice, I’m not sure if he is really want I need.  I think I’d much rather than those two in there instead. I have some good stuff for my sideboard.


I’m not sure how well this will do, but I can only assume that most people will think I’m playing frights.  When really it is I don’t care, I’m just gonna ditch these creatures.  Undying, scavenge, boosting Jarad, all seems nice in theory, but I’m not sure in practice.


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