Atlantic City Qualifier…

This weekend I have the Qualifier for Atlantic City, which is in January.  I’m hoping to do well with my B/G and revamped sideboard.  I saw the same problems at FNM, although Jarad rather than Garruk gave me a little more flexibility.

I’ve found it very interesting to see more of B/G decks popping up, mostly in some sort of reanimator style, but none quite like mine.  It went from people really questioning Trevor and my idea to it kinda being fine tuned and hopefully used really well in the future.

Outside of that, next weekend we are traveling for the holiday. The following weekend we are probably going to be taking part in some things to do with Magic in the area, but not sure what right now.  Following weekend I’m going to be at MAGFest as a volunteer, so please, if you are going, do tell me!  Then I think after that is Atlantic City.  Trev will be gone those two weekends, so I’ll enjoy the company if you want to say hi or hang out.

Once I get my final done tonight I’ll get some other stuff up too 😀


3 responses to “Atlantic City Qualifier…

    • Well, Atlantic City is about 5 hours away from me, but I have family that lives up that way that I can stay with for the night. The rest of them, there are normally large groups of us that go so we can split travel costs(parking, gas, ect.). Also, a lot of our events are Star City sponsored rather than WOTC…but I suppose overall we just have more events happening.

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