Only a few cards

It is interesting how only a few cards can change the way a deck plays entirely.  Last week we did some play testing for the Atlantic City Qualifier and I got some recommendations as far as making the deck ‘better’.  This better included axing out my Young Wolves and Slitherheads in favor of Gravecrawlers, and Lotleth Trolls.  With that many zombies it was recommended that I put in Cavern of Souls rather than just use the basic lands.

What happened was an utter disaster.

The mana base didn’t work cause even if I could play creatures, I couldn’t play my Golgari Charms or Grisly Salvages.  I’d wind up planning ahead and not being able to play things quickly, like Strangleroot Geist.  Sure, I can bring Gravecrawler back from my graveyard if there is a zombie in play….but he doesn’t do anything.  He doesn’t block, he doesn’t really hit for enough, and he just died to everything. I could never get Lotleth Troll up high enough.  Having Jarad on the field and directly tossing creatures at someone was way more efficient that adding a count.  Particularly with undying.  Toss a Strangleroot Geist for 2, he comes back as a 3/2.  toss him again or use him as a blocker as Jarad gets in there.

So Cavern of Souls is being removed, as is the Lotleth Troll.  I have an idea for another creature that gets power either way that I want to do some deck testing with, so I will have to report back to you on that one.

Either way, this was a good lesson in how things can change from a fast and furious aggro control deck(or in some cases, incredibly slow and tempo-y) to a unintentional mid-range bore fest that I just get upset with.

Until next time, leave a comment on what you’re doing or any suggestions!  I’m up for just about any ideas you may have 😀


3 responses to “Only a few cards

  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes you have to play and test it out to get a feel for it to learn what works and what doesn’t. You also have to be able to tweak it to whatever the metagame is at the time, siding in cards that would be more effective. A BG scavenge deck won a small event I went to today. Have you checked out Brian Kibler’s golgari deck as well? If you ever get frustrated with BG, you could also check out some Mono green decks that are getting some play.

    Just a thought! Good luck in your Qualifier!

    • I just went and investigated his BG deck…I like the idea of it, but i would want to try a few little adjustments(I think I’m the only person who doesn’t like Garruk Relentless, but it might be because of the deck I had him in).

      • also had some good ideas for mono green decks that are both cheap and nasty. I recommended them to my friend who was having trouble buying all the multicolor lands for his deck. Just another thought. The article was titled “The Art of Jank” I believe.

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