It is working again!

Not sure why, but WordPress was being ridiculous for the past week…so I didn’t post.  It would erase stuff and freeze, it just got to be fusterating.

So anyway, I hope everyone’s gift giving celebrations were good.  I say this because in my family we celebrate two.

First we went to Trevor’s family’s house for Yule.  This consists of watching candles burn for an evening as we hope for good things to come and gift exchanges.  I got lots of good things, like tea and a soft blanket, as well as a thing called a Chatimal, which is a talking hamster.  Trevor gave me a Sherlock shirt and talking Ewok which I adore 😀

We also did a small block draft with his sister and her friend.  I cracked a Huntmaster of Fells as well as Increasing Savagery.  So I had this interesting Junk deck of all over.  It was their first time drafting and I feel that they learned a valuable lesson.  Such as reading what the card does rather than just picking the angel.  Yeah…

Trevor and I also went on a tour of the card shops of the area.  He got some holes filled for his modern deck and I picked up more Lowryn things.  I’m addicted.  If you ever feel the need to get me a gift, just get me that. We saw a few places that were way over priced and I kinda just wanted to flip tables.  On the other hand, we found some really good deals.

We also went to a pet store named Animal Kingdom where they had a rescued Serval...

We also went to a pet store named Animal Kingdom where they had a rescued Serval…

Then we went to my parents.  My mom had just had surgery so it was a much more subdued year in some ways, but in others, it was much busier.  I helped out around the house a lot so she could rest and my dad could take a break, well as much as possible.

One afternoon was spent at my Aunt’s for a family get together.  We didn’t stay long since it was just Trevor, my sister, and I.  I wanted to more so be home helping.  We did stop at a new store in Delaware called Epic Loot and looked through their stuff.  Trevor got some of his Zendikar fetch lands and I got a Beta Grizzly Bear!  OMG I love Grizzly Bears!  Anyway, if you are in the area, they do FNM and such and are just starting out, so stop by and say hi.  They have a fun and growing collection of games, anime, and MTG stuff.  And they are aright on the Bay, so it is also a great place to stop and grab some lunch.  I wind up in that area a lot for motorcycle ride, but I digress.

Who doesn't love greyhounds?

Who doesn’t love greyhounds?

The next day was pretty uneventful.  Brought in some more firewood for my parents and tired out the puppies.  Cleaned and organized.  We had a small gift exchange with our neighbors and Trevor gave me one of my other presents, which was the first season of Sherlock on Blu-Ray!  Yes!  Then we had dinner and watched said Sherlock before I started falling asleep on the couch.

Dia is a ham...

Dia is a ham…

Christmas morning I was the first one up as per usual.  But at the same time, it wasn’t because I wanted presents, it was because I wanted to make sure Mom and Dad didn’t need help with things around the house.  So I wound up working on a bunch of chores as Trev and my sister slowly came around.

Then we did gifts.  I got my gorgeous gaming bag I wanted to take to

This bag is so awesome!

This bag is so awesome!

tournaments from Level 8 Seamstress as well as season 2 of Sherlock and Season 1 of Merlin.  Which my mother tried to promptly steal.  She is apparently in love with Arthur.  Yeah.  Also got a cheshire cat, some candles and new cooking stuff.  Dad got me gift cards for Best Buy, so I’ll get myself a new PS3 controller since mine is dying slowly.

There was also a cat prowling for boxes and bags…


So overall, my first Christmas as part of a new family officially, and having one of my own, was excellent.  Here is to hoping to many more!


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